Renaldo Lapuz: American Idol Texas Audition

While searching American Idol Season 7 in YouTube, I was surprised because there was a Filipino who joined the audition. He is Ronaldo Lapuz, 44-years old from Reno, Nevada who entered the American Idol audition in Dallas, Texas. Wearing a flashy silver cape, white adornments and white hat that had Simon written on it. Renaldo sung his original composition titled: We’re Brothers Forever and Simon Cowell was unimpressed at first but later on he waves his hands to him. Randy Jackson was so amused while Paula Abdul stood up from her seat and motioned.

Randy went up to Renaldo and belted out the lyrics: “I am your brother / your best friend forever / singing these songs / the music that you love / We’re brothers till the end of time / together or not, you’re always in my mind.” After that Simon gave his appraisal to Renaldo for his performance and said it’s going to be No but he told that it’s going to be a hit record.

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  1. I guess you’ll be the “Renaldo Lapuz of Tanzania” as you always sing his lines every time you see and hear his video – last song syndrome. Really funny!

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