I’m back, I’m in Singapore

singaporeFinally i’m back! Three months had already passed since I last posted my blog here. I’m so happy because even if I don’t update this regularly the pagerank went up, from pr2 to pr3. There‚Äôs one more thing that makes me happy, that is I’m already here in Singapore with my girlfriend. We arrived here last May 11, 2008 via Cebu Pacific and one of the Singapore Immigration Officers, stamped our passport with a 30-day Social Visit Pass.From the first day, I’ve started searching for a job in JobsDB, JobStreet, Monster, ST701 and The Straight Times (local newspaper). Fortunately, five (5) companies responded. All of them are good, but only one gave my expected salary so i’ve accepted the offer. Thank God! After 10 days I’ve got my job and am now working as a Web Designer.