Chocolate cake and movie tickets on my birthday

mini chocolate cakeThursday night: After office hours, my girlfriend and I directed to Golden Village Cinema at Northpoint Shopping Centre to buy two last full show movie tickets. It was still one hour before the movie starts so we went to the food court and had dinner. I ate Indian Chicken Bariani Set and Rocky took Korean Tender Beef Bowl that night. We finished our food and decided to roam around the mall. While looking for something special we saw a cute mini chocolate cake and immediately bought it for S$2.60.

We arrived at the movie theatre around 9 o’clock unfortunately we we’re not allowed to bring the cake inside. We asked the staff if they could keep the cake for us, luckily they kept our cake in their fridge and gave us a claim coupon. The movie started at 9:25 PM so we had to sit on the couch near the entrance of Hall 6 and wait to see the funny film of Adam Sandler entitled “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan”.

I really enjoyed that night as I first celebrated my birthday in Singapore with my girlfriend. Thanks for giving me my favorite Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

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