Pinoy Money Talk entry in Google’s first page

Reading news online is my habit every morning before going to eat breakfast. After reading, I checked my Pinoy Money Talk entry in Google Search and amazed because I’m in the first page now. Last Monday, I joined the PMT Mini SEO Contest and got indexed after a few minutes. You can see the print screen preview below or visit this link.

pinoy money talk

Pinoy Money Talk

Pinoy Money Talk: The Philippines’ Online Resource on Money Matters, is celebrating it’s 3rd year anniversary this coming March 1. They’re launching a contest which is divided  into three categories with a total prize of 6,000 php / $150USD.

Pinoy Money Talk Contest #1: Valentine’s Day Message Contest
Create the most sweetest and romantic Valentine’s Day message and win 1,000 php or $25 thru Paypal. Contest runs from February 4 until February 13. Post your entry here.

Pinoy Money Talk Contest #2: PMT Stock Price Prediction Game
Predict the closing price of a PMT-related Nasdaq stock (huh? what is Nasdaq stock?) and win 2,000 php or $50. Contest runs from February 18 until March 5.

Pinoy Money Talk Contest #3: Google my PMT
PMT $75 mini SEO Contest with “pinoy money talk” keyword. Contest runs from February 4 until March 21.

This is my entry for the “Google my PMT” contest. For more information about the contest, visit the pinoy money talk blog.