Hipon (Payphone Parody) Lyrics and Music Video

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Hipon (Payphone Parody) by Sir Rex Kantatero (iFM 93.9 DJ) featuring Shehyee (Fliptop) has 1 million YouTube views now. The music video is all about a lady with sexy body but ugly face. Watch the funny video and see the lyrics below: Continue reading Hipon (Payphone Parody) Lyrics and Music Video

Gangnam Style Music Video and Lyrics

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What is Gangnam Stye? The latest YouTube video craze that achieved 40 million hits. It’s a single by Korean singer Psy and was released on 15 July 2012. The comical horse-riding dance makes the video popular and gather millions of viewers worldwide. Continue reading Gangnam Style Music Video and Lyrics

Living on the Radio – Lady Gaga’s New Ballad Song

Lady Gaga new ballad song entitled “Living the Radio” is a big hit on her Minnesota Concert last night.

“The song is a reminder to trudge through the loneliness of life on the road (and life at the top) because there’s no high like hearing her own songs broadcast to millions over the airwaves, which she describes on the track as her “dream.” – Yahoo! Music

Check Living on the Radio video via YouTube below: