Diablo III: Singapore Launch

Diablo III countdown image
Image Source: DiabloCountdown.com

The long wait is over, today is Blizzard’s Diablo III release and it will be held at Funan Digimall, Singapore. My colleagues and I are going to Funan later to get the pre-ordered Diablo III. I’m gonna post some Diablo III – Funan event photos later.

Diablo III gamer cue image
Diablo III Gamers waiting outside Funan DigiMall

Demon Hunter cosplayers image
Diablo III: Demon Hunter Cosplayers

SteelSeries headset image
Steel Series: Diablo III Headset – $185 ($235 original)

Diablo III T-shirt image
Diablo III T-Shirt $32

Diablo III fan image
Constantino – #1 Diablo III Fan

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