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Don’t judge my brother; he’s not a book” is one of the popular Melanisms quote of Melanie Marquez (Miss International 1979). I watched her guesting in Gandang Gabi Vice last Sunday and decided to collect her quotes.

Here are some Melanisms quotes that I’ve found on the net:

  • I won’t stoop down to my level.
  • Hello? Bulag ka ba? Bingi ka ba? Are you dep?
  • ‘Yung STD, baka sa maruming toilet lang niya nakuha yan.
  • Eh, ikaw ba naman, durugin ang ari mo… Pag di ka naman manutok ng baril.
  • We are lovers, not fighters.
  • My brother is not a girl; he’s a gentleman.
  • That’s why I’m a success, it’s because I don’t middle in other people’s lives.
  • Don’t judge my brother; he’s not a book.
  • Kapatid ko pa rin siya. We are one and the same.
  • I don’t eat meat. I’m not a carnival.
  • Sumasakit ang migraine ko.
  • Ang tatay ko ang only living legend na buhay!
  • Period na talaga; wala nang exclamation point. (When asked on S-Files if her present husband, Adam Lawyer, is her Mr. Right.).
  • Eto na po ang pinakamaligayang pasko at manigong taon sa inyong lahat.
  • When asked for a message to her daughter who was allegedly abused by their houseboy: “Don’t worry little angel, big angel is here.”
  • On what they should do to the houseboy who molested her kid: “He should be put behind bar.”
  • “You can fool me once, you can even fool me twice, you can even fool me thrice. But you can never fool me four”
  • While waiting backstage during a noontime show, after watching Nikki Valdez do her dance number. “Nikki, you’re so galing. You should go to the States. You will sell hotcakes.”

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