World’s famous hacker Kevin Mitnick now has a book deal

Kevin MitnickKevin Mitnick has signed a book deal with Little, Brown and Company, giving him the opportunity to refute the outrageous claims made against him—really, he could start a nuclear war by whistling into a telephone?—while making a few dollars in the process. A tell-all, if you will.

Mitnick, who was released in 2001 after serving five years in jail, announced that he has a contract to write his life story and showed a preview for a reality-based TV series in development in which he would test corporate networks by trying to break into them. As part of his plea agreement, he was banned from writing a tell-all until 2007. He also runs a security consulting firm and lectures.

Mitnick, if you don’t already know and didn’t bother to watch the movie, is probably the most famous “hacker” out there, imprisoned in 1999 for destroy the Western World for all time. So we were led to believe, that is. Watch the documentary Freedom Downtime on Google Video.

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